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Recycling Services, Roll-Off Containers, and Storage Bins...

Servicing California's Central Coast, Midstate Solid Waste and Recycling offers roll off box & bin rentals, trash & recycling collection services, and recycling facilities for a variety of purposes.

Give us a call at (805) 434 - 9112, or send us a quote request below for more information.

Trash & Recycling Collection / Services

Mid State Solid Waste & Recycling provides residential and commercial trash and recycling collection to many rural or unincorporated areas of northern San Luis Obispo County, as well as the Templeton Community Services District. We collect both comingled recyclables and green waste throughout our service area.

We also offer roll-off boxes (cargo containers), and storage bin rental for a variety of purposes, including large scale green waste collection, construction and demolition cleanup, general cleanup, and storage. For available sizes and to get a price quote, please visit the roll-off boxes page.

For more information about our waste and recycling services, or to inquire about renting a roll-off container or bin, please call us at (805) 434-9112 M-F. You can also request an email quote for our roll-off containers on the Roll-Off Container & Storage Bin page.


Midstate Solid Waste and Recycling North County Templeton Trash and Recycling Services

Roll-Off Boxes & Containers

25 Yard "Low-Side" Box (4'H x 22'L x 8'W)
25 Yard "High-Side" Box (6'H x 16'L x 8'W)
40 Yard "High-Side" Box (6'H x 22'L x 8'W)
10 Yard Box (2'H x 18'L x 8'W)
Security Storage Container (26'L w/doors)